Wednesday, October 26, 2011


10 days.
time is going by way too fast.
i feel like i got engaged a month ago at most.
it's almost been 4 months!
i just don't get it.
but it's cold. so the season changes have helped me accept the time change.
there's still so much left to do in such little time,
but i'm finally starting to feel like i can breathe a little.
despite the fact that i've been in this relationship for 4 years,
i'm surprisingly nervous for what's in store for our future marriage.
I mean, really truly, he's one of the most adorable human beings i know.
and i love every eensy weensy thing about him,
 even the things that drive me up the wall.
but there's still so much i know i don't know.

it's all so exciting!
i'm so anxious for everything to unfold in the oncoming week.
my last day of work is next monday.
(SO ridiculously excited)
and then i get to see all the people i love in a period of 4 days.
it's going to be amazing!
and then i'm off to the amazing beaches of HAWAII.
(which is supposedly a surprise, but b's not very good as surprises)
yet another thing i love about him.

my bridal shower was last weekend, and it was AMAZING.
the sisters & mother set up an amazing hot chocolate bar
(which, of course, was inspired by pinterest)
and it was a total hit.
the twin made HOMEMADE marshmallows.
she's a genius.
and they were oh so delish.
and we all had a blast, and i loved all the presents as well.
thank you so much everyone who came and made it such a success!

anyway. on another note, there are two new albums i've been obsessing over.
the first one being:

architecture in helsinki - moment bends

and the second one being: 

coldplay - mylo xyloto

please please listen to both of them.
you will be missing out on a big chunk of life if you don't.
okay, well, it's off to the races.
and by races, i mean loads of last minute wedding planning.



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